Avoid accidents

I’ve seen the light and responded appropriately. (03/23)

I saw an accident on the road between church and home.

Before the accident, I saw light from exhaust flames and sparks. I heard an overrevved engine with pops and bags from unburnt fuel. Vehicle, pace and position pre-informed me of risk. Self-serving, adrenaline seekers confused racetrack and road. I protected myself with space.

After an accident, you often see flashing blue lights and hear sirens. These alert drivers to the presence of emergency professionals making appropriate progress to protect and respond.

Elements of Roadcraft are of value on the racetrack. Goals and motives should not coexist.

Unfortunately, contemporary culture promotes speedy quick pleasures over long-term triumph.

In Exodus, God’s people were saved from slavery journeying from Egypt to their promised land. The route was indirect! An 11 day journey took 40 years. A waste of time?

The pattern of freedom, deliverance, salvation and reinstatement is throughout the whole bible. God’s route and pace was best -in the end. On their journey God was seen as a miraculous provider and protector. Laws were learned. Worship redirected. An appropriate new leader was established for the next phase.

Is God’s route and pace still best today? His journey and timing frustrate me right now. Is there something He knows that I don’t? What is He doing with me that I don’t understand? Does lack of direction, and delayed desirable destination, facilitate personal preparation? Is faithful thinking too hopeful?

In response to a question about direction, “Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6 NIVUK) I should remember the context of v6 within the whole of John 14, and beyond. Jesus was teaching followers, and me, to interpret the whole of scripture ‘Christologically’ – to seek Him across every page and in every context throughout life.

Our job is to understand what we have received. What good is it to gain the world in the short term and lose self? (Mat 25:14-30) Immediate wealth and worldly thinking does not truly satisfy. (Mat 16:26) To live this way, is counter cultural. The way of Jesus is not twee. It’s not easy to live and love other people in the way Jesus taught and demonstrated. (John 13:34-35) We may not like our neighbour. (Luke 10:25-37)

No matter the frustration, the light of Christ in me is enough to guide the way beyond short term self service. It should illuminate ‘the way’ for others too. “So, ‘let your light shine before others,’ says Jesus, ‘that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’” (Matthew 5:16 NIVUK)

What does my light, sound and behaviour really reveal? Do I illuminate ‘the way’ and glorify God?

Christian discipleship is easier to discuss than do. We cannot journey alone.

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