April 2020 to March 2021

Traumatic brain injury from a cycling accident August 2018

Living with traumatic brain injury. Reflections in relation to my Christian faith which has become vital and questioned throughout this difficult time.

Second Posts

Next series of posts from April 2021

Is it a sign?

Conclusion: Covid Christianity 03/21

Hidden Sin

Evil, Sin & Thin Blue Line 03/21

Questioning & Symbolism

Don’t forget at Easter 03/21

Faithfully Connected

Not my will, but yours 03/21

Them and Us

Suffering. Ability & Church 02/21

Bible Expert

Sacrificial Study 02/21


Pain & suffering. Faithful response. 02/21

Free Indeed

Giving in Love 02/21

Half Truth

Humility 01/21

Alien or Foreign

Trust Securely 01/21

It’s not for girls

Translation for all 01/21

New Year, New Systems

Working together 01/21

Refuelling Rest

Planning for rest 12/20

Heart of God

Emmanuel-Hesed 12/20

Theodicy Tension

God not the odd 11/20

Life Loving Law

Law is good 11/20

Emotional sparks.

Managing emotion 11/20

Hearing from God

Where is God? 10/20

Value Added Church?

Church quality for all 10/20

Love, Memory, Truth & Trust.

Truthful, Good>Evil 10/20

Restart of Restrictions

Keep on track 9/20

One Family?

Family of God? 09/20

Unemployed & Valueless

Maintaining focus 09/20

A Swift One:

Projection, faith and works 09/20

Driving Licence

Who’s in charge? 08/20


Equality for all 08/20

Time for God?

Video reflection 07/20

IT: Do what I say?

What I say or do? 06/20

MFL: Help.

Better together 06/20

Geography: Where?

God during difficulty 06/20

Art (Film): Trinity

Superhero value 06/20

Science Pentecost

Pentecost perspective 05/20


Waiting for what? 05/20

Maths: People and Numbers

People first 05/20

Journey in my faith

Video reflection 05/20

History: BC?

Defining moments 04/20

Specialised Roubaix at Ladybower. Bike now written off. I’m still here!


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