Second Posts

Posts from April 2021

Post-accident, Post-lockdown, positive Post-reflection period.

What’s in a name?

Does spelling matter? (Dec 23)

Led by Light

Leading the right way.
Christian Leadership (Dec 23)


Is David special? (Nov 23)

Church Conversation

Mental Health (MH) discipleship. (Nov 23)

Facebook Bites

Fear, Hospitality, Passkeys and Law. (Oct 23)

Incredible Illustration for children

Sparing superlatives contextually. (Oct 23)


New You. Old Gone. (Oct 23)

Apple a Day

Big picture choices. Deception and Temptation. (19 Sept 23)

Church Equality

Seven Point Checklist. Mental Health & Disability. (Sept 23)

Results Day

Got your grades? Children & Learning (Sept 23)

Suicide and Empathy

Personal and professional thinking. (Aug 23)

Mindful Prayer

Significant theological update (Aug 23)


More than an emoji (July 23)

Are you OK?

Do you really want to know? (July 23)

Religious Response

What is the right response (July 23)

What’s Important?

Broadband upgrade and Engagement (June 23)

People & Teams

Leadership, behaviour and Pentecost (June 23)

Don’t say that

Forbidden and hidden subjects (May 23)

Disability Scripture

The work of God is paramount. (May 23)

Politics and Uncertainty

Friends, honourable friends, and forgiveness (April 2023)

Am I like Thomas?

Emotion v Reason. Academic v Experiential. Enthusiasm v Cognition. (April 23)

Posts -Now 55

Facebook Clips from March (04/23)

DC Reflect

Reflection and Feedback from NHS (03/23)

500 Word Story

The Important Man (03/23)

Avoid accidents.

I’ve seen the light and responded accordingly. (03/23)

Posts and Fast

Facebook clips from Febuary. 03/23

Posts and SameYou survivor story

SAMEYOU Survivor Story. Facebook bits for those without. 02/23

Wisdom Wishes

Wisdom and Time 01/23


No ‘L’ so NOE 12/22

Deep Learning

Truth, Identity, Intelligence, Trust 12/22

Beyond Infinity

In the name of God… 11/22

Better Together 2 (DC & SC)

One Faith, Family, Lord 10/22

Love Technology?

Does it love you back? 9/22

Invisible Disabilities

Seeing is believing? 08/22

Mr Average

Where’s the point in me? 07/22

Fear of the Lord.

Let My Kingdom Go. 06/22

Where do I fit in?

The problem is me not you. 05/22


In very loving memory 04/22

What next?

No Cristal Ball 03/22


Head, Heart and Hands 03/22

First Aid to Eternal Salvation

Anagrams, Acronyms, Alliteration 02/22

Mental Health

What’s in your head? Ready for 2022? 01/22

Indifferent to Damage

Christian argument. Ready for Christmas? 12/21

Anxiety & Failure

Fly or fall? Mental health for self. 11/21

What is Truth?

Digital sampling of an analogue world. 10/21

Ahead Only

Old to New. Sustaining achieved aspirations. 09/21

Steeple, People. Sacred

Challenging church. What does ‘church’ mean? 08/21

Hiding Truth

Hide or reveal? 07/21

Trends: Positive and Negative

For better or for worse? 07/21

Anxiety and Joy

More than a “Cheer up” message. 07/21


Does God change? Do we? Should we? 06/21


Formulaic approximation relationships. Alpha and Omega. 06/21

Age, Value and Perspective

Equality, Diversity, Disability, Discrimination, u3a. 05/21

Walk as Jesus did

Mirror check before manoeuvre. 04/21

Return of the Saint

Saintliness, Holiness, Faith, Works and Heaven. 04/21


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