No ‘L’ so NOE (12/22)

‘Noe’ sounds like ‘no e’
or maybe just ‘no’
What can we learn here?
Well let’s have a go

We may lose the ‘L’
We may take the ‘E’
Take Christ from Christmas
‘NO.’ What would that be?

Logical cuts
Some letters are lost
‘Noe’ Meaning, now gone
for what, at what cost?

Now what does ‘NOE’ mean?
Google tells us allot…
something’ ‘anything
or adverb, ‘somewhat

Pointless and Godless
Reasoned but fraught
something’ ‘anything
now ‘somewhat’ nought

Noe means ‘Noah
Gender neutral at best
From Hebrew word ‘Noach
meaning, ‘repose‘ or ‘rest

The birth of Jesus
called ‘natalis’ unveiled
in Ecclesiastes it’s
a version of ‘nael’

NOEL. Birth of Jesus
natalis’ I tell
Old French for Christmas
Middle English ‘nowel

NOEL. Latin word ‘nasci
Noel means, ‘to be born’
So be reborn in Christ
Irrespective of scorn

Go back to the start
Add value, not loss
Put letter ‘L’ back
‘NOEL’ BORN, and then Cross

No ‘L’ then ‘no E
concluding just ‘no’
Christ IS in Christmas
God’s son you should know

Know ‘noach‘ at Christmas
find ‘repose’ at once
But do not forget
God’s gift, our response.

Wordplay by DC
word searches online
Science my background
A poem, or crime?

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