SameYou Survivor Story. Facebook bits for those without. (02/23)


My survivor story on the SameYou website, established by award winning actress Emilia Clarke. (Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones) With or without the dragons, attitude with altitude is required for this post.

Unsilenced story.

Emilia Clarke has shared her brain injury story. Brain injury can leave you feeling alone, abandoned, and changed with feelings of loss, shame, isolation, and frustration. A good starting point?

Emilia founded the SameYou charity, a community to raise awareness of the misunderstood and unseen. Emilia shared her personal story, releasing others to do the same.

1. Unsliencing our story

2. Out of the blue

3. Living with the impact

4. The road to recovery

5. A new path.

SAMEYOU five themes reflect my own Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A journey of unexpected rebirth, change, fresh starts and new life.

I have photographs of my blood-stained yellow outline and cones where my body lay. Powerful symbolically.

An estimated one in three people will have Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) at some point in their lives. Life changing stories often silenced by shame. We fear what others might think. We need the similarly experienced who get it and get us.

Survivors sharing their story detail is rare when speaking to those who’ve not been there. An attitude of empathy and a listening ear illuminates the incredible in others. What I am now told by people facing enormous challenge whilst out and about amazes. Ears  > Mouth. 

My survivor story due 24th Jan 23:

Are Christians too silent?

Do we spend too long in a church building with those who get it and get us? Definitely needed!! Others? Family, friends and neighbours are affected too.

Spiritual rebirth and life changing faith. In our changing culture, the good news is often untold by people beyond preachers. The cross is a symbolically powerful image of new life.

Do we fear what others might think? Loss of speech remains a problem, even without TBI. Is your story untold?

In my ‘SameYou’ portrait I mention my FAITH (Forsaking All I Trust Him – Full Assurance In The Heart) and included a link to this website.

Attitude of action. I pray that all might find God. Including those experiencing trauma, health challenges and/or disability and discrimination.

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” (John 6:63 NIVUK)

My attitude of gratitude grows. Forward without FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Recent posts added to Facebook...

Ear we go…

Hearing is an issue for me. I recently received digital hearing aids from hospital following cycling accident damage to my Left ear. Two aids synchronise sounds from both ears and help remove noise to focus on speech, music, TV or phone.

I’ve already had an operation and prism lenses to rebalance the damaged Left eye to align bipolar vision with the undamaged Right. Left arm is now repaired having re-joined my Left shoulder. Fractured ribs are now fused on my Left, and no longer put internal organs at risk. Left front of brain mainly damaged.

Never alone, I’m all Right.

Hoping that Tinnitus may subside. Hearing aids are tuned to cover missing frequencies the brain currently substitutes with endless ringing in the ear.

Background noise can distract, physically and spiritually.

If you don’t get distracted by our busy noise filled world, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21 NIV UK)

There’s an improved journey ahead. If I’m Right, there’s nothing Left to write. Sounds good to me. L+R in balance. It’s better working together. I’ll soundwave goodbye.

Life Without Limits (Nick Vukicic)

Born without arms and legs, this inspirational, intelligent international speaker and writer is an incredible, faithful, Christian motivator and evangelist. Great humour too! I’ve now read the book to, “take a moment to think about any limitations [I’ve] placed on [my] life or that [I’ve] allowed others to place on it.” He swims, scuba dives, surfs, travels… and speaks to thousands daily.

Disability Can Enable Ability

for activity that would not otherwise be possible.

He’s honest about his journey including despair, suicidal thoughts, need to ‘fit in’ and feel of value. Need to not burden his family. He has had the same, ‘life free of labels’ desire I have promoted in posts. Do I want to ‘fit in’ or be ready to faithfully stand out?

I can connect with almost all he has written and I’ve written (less well) about these too. I’ve also described the tension between hope and reason, to avoid disappointment. He’s known this and he’s even positive about that! He finds positivity and power in everything.

You may have to adjust your goals to realities, but the possibilities are still there. His attitude has altitude. (Check:

My disability is less. Visually and actually! I have no right to compare my disabilities to his. I am different -we all are. He claims you can’t control what comes AT you BUT you can control what happens IN you. Fear is an emotion and you can control your emotion.

I discussed some of this with my NHS neuro psychologist I still visit in hospital. This is not academically or realistically the case with the areas of brain death and the resulting emotional lability I have! Is this an excuse or a physical damage disability outcome I must live with and manage? I’m often not sure.

Through the prayer of others, I am already an over achiever. I’m alive and able to walk and talk post-accident, post coma when rested. How much more should I expect from myself. What should I hope for. My neuro doctor tells me I am too self-critical.

I’m advised to push where it moves. Knowing where there is potential movement for my involvement is a challenging daily disappointment. I need to plan my journey by looking forward, and not just in the rear-view mirror.

I’ve prayed (Big prayer as described at IC22) but pushed where there has been no movement. This book encourages me to think big, without limits, about how God might still use me. This post is therefore a gentle nudge. Anything moving?

However, being negative/realistic, my capacity is limited by awake time. Attempted availability is as important as capability.

His book and videos are exceptionally helpful for all! Just type his name into YouTube and prepare to be amazed and invigorated by this faithful man.


2023 Wisdom Time

“Wise men sought Jesus. They still do.” The old ones are the best. Why speak of wise men after Christmas? That comes later, like the wise men did.

Shepherds sought Jesus in the Stable after supernatural messaging resulted in fear, amazement and Joy. (Luke 2:8-20) God speaks directly to the busy and lowly.

Intellectual and scientific questioning led wise men to Jesus. (Matthew 2) God speaks to the wealthy and wise. He even guides dreamers v12.

How inclusive of God.

How we hear from God is irrelevant.

How we respond to God is vital.

There is no record of the wise men at the Stable. They took months, or years, to reach Jesus. Herod selfishly tried to take control of God’s timely plan for the life and death of Jesus. He cruelly ordered the death of all children under two years old after being outwitted by wise men. (Matthew 2:16)

It was not the right time for Jesus to die. Wise men were not corrupted in this instance. Head and heart were in the right place. Are ours?

God’s timing prevails. As an adult, Jesus walked away unseen through crowds intent on his death. The time was not yet right for Jesus to die. (Luke 4:28-30)

We might fool ourselves into believing we know best and are in control of God’s plan and timing. Even religious leaders and the wise are imperfect. We can live unaware of God’s perspective, plan and purpose. God makes foolishness of the wisdom of the world. The message of the cross is foolishness to the perishing. (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

Some are led by the head and others the heart. The two are not mutually exclusive. We don’t have to give up reason to be Christian, even if emotion can be overpowering. Journey and timing are irrelevant. Destination is conclusive.

The wise men offered gifts of value. What did they know or foretell? Perhaps… Gold, fit for a king. Frankincense, pure and holy offering. Myrrh, preparation of body for burial.

In 2023 we should work with wisdom wider than worldly wisdom. With the Lord, one day is like 1000 years. (2 Peter 3:8)

Wisdom Wishes for 2023.

Be wise with God.


to spend time with a real granddaughter and a real book in the real world. I’m blessed. Virtual reality not required.

I’m feeling old. I liked the days when speedy electronic communication meant email and texts. Two quick e-checks and a glance at the letterbox to keep in touch. Now, even the front door requires regular attention, with multiple daily deliveries. Do check for precious packages behind plant pot, box or bin.

Numerous apps are required to keep in touch. Do you use your phone for voice calls? It’s now mobile data and video calling. Watch what you’re wearing before answering the phone, or entering a room with others online! Technology anytime everywhere.

My phone provides distracting notifications. Updates and maintenance may be required to stay safe. Joy and time in the real world can be lost, as evidenced by my smartwatch wearable.

Each social media platform is nuanced. Knowing which app to use changes. I’m learning, but not got Facebook right. People ‘like’ pictures. Facebook is full of joyful photographs and people sharing successes and events of pleasure and purpose. What a great life others enjoy!

Virtually adjusted content can also look convincingly real. A counterfeit artificial version of life. Some users can feel belittled, by what looks real for the beautiful, successful, and popular OTHERS. Humanity and humility required.

Engage virtually, if you don’t want to be disturbed. Virtual connections and contacts take priority over people in your presence. Attention to phone not people? People are plugged into ‘The Matrix’ of technology. Was this film fiction or forecast?

Keeping Children Safe In Education, statutory guidance, repeatedly refers to issues with technology. Laws keep changing to keep up with how people exploit technology detrimentally. Often anonymously. Adults need protection too. A new Online Safety Bill is on passage through the House of Commons.

Mental Health is a problem. We need Mindfulness.

Connecting with life is not always easy. I wrote the phrase, “The problem is me, not you” whilst online. Months before the ‘Midnights’ album. “I’m the problem, it’s me… It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero…” I still enjoy a bit of Taylor Swift!

Time to relax, close my eyes and hear some music. I’ll stream with Chromecast using fibre optic audio connection to digital amplifier. Full Fibre To The Premises modem to router, so there’s still enough bandwidth for… multiple UHD TVs, mesh WIFI 6 and miles of Gigabit Category 8 Ethernet cabling in my Smart Home. It’s smarter than me anyway.

I’m too connected to the virtual and need a break. To be mindful, as created, I need to spend time in the real and natural world, with God’s creation.

Disconnect from busyness to connect relationally with Father God, through the gift of his ubiquitous wireless Spirit, using Jesus to interface the damaged connection.

Press Pause for:
Philippians 4: 6-9 & Psalms 46:10

I’m off – to join the ultimate connection.

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