Refuelling Rest

December 18th 2020

Since the accident, management of fatigue has become a priority. I can no longer go the distance and push myself without burning out. This is true for all of us, but awake time has now become an exceptionally precious resource.

I am regularly forced to rethink so that I use awake time wisely. It can take days to recover and continue life’s journey after crashing out. It’s easy to refill a petrol or diesel car and you can go for miles per tank and top up quickly. Range anxiety is a real thing with my electric car and now with my life.

Routines need to change and awake time must be spent wisely. I have to map out my journey through each day via the necessary recharging points. There are no mapping systems or apps (GPS enabled or otherwise) to reroute my day via fatigue recharging points. This leads to extreme frustration when any time is wasted because it’s the only time I have.

I’ve seen and experienced frustration when even a little amount of time is lost queuing at a busy fuel stations because pumps for your side of the vehicle are already used. It’s even worse when you forget where your petrol/diesel cap can be found, and the hose just can’t be persuaded to reach where you parked. If you forget where your car refuelling point is, you can get cross with yourself.

To help there is an arrow on the fuel sign of the dashboard pointing at the correct side for your vehicle.

Awake time was always limited but rapid depletion makes me rethink how I should use this valuable resource. People cannot understand some of the choices I have to make and fitting in with others is often impossible. If I do X, then for me, the rest of the day is gone, and I won’t be able to do Y.

Christmas is going to be particularly challenging with such a limited awake time range. Ask any environmentalist about the use of precious resources. There are often better ways to use energy.

Of course, vehicles need more than fuel. Water for radiators and windscreen, air for tyres and carburettor, oils to reduce friction between moving parts… People need more than sleep!

Physically we need; air, water, nutrition, exercise, periods of pause, time away from unhelpful issues…

Spiritually we need; to recentre our scattered senses to experience the presence of God; positive relationships, family, prayer time…

Sometimes parents and leaders spend too much time meeting the needs of others they care about. There is always more to do in our busy lives but if we crash out, we can leave those we care about unnecessarily vulnerable during our extended absence.

Sometimes, resting, eating and praying is best for self AND others. “Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31)

I hope all enjoy good food, peace and rest this Christmas.

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