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Fear, Hospitality, Passkeys and Law (Oct 23)

Law (Oct 15)

Must’ and ‘Should’. What can I get away with?

I’m not a lawyer, or legally trained. Like everybody else, I live under law.

National documents use words like ‘should’ and ‘must’ deliberately. ‘Must’ relates to law. ‘Should’ relates to guidance. Guidance may not be binding in law in itself. Aspects of the highway code are guidance with instructions backed up by law. Check out the language.

Lockdown highlighted many people attempting to make Law work for themselves. Life loving law? This resulted in more debate about guidance and law. Including, what ‘must not’ and ‘should not’ happen. Should we stay and play in a greyish area between law and guidance if it suits us?

If ignoring the guidance results in a problem, the consequence can be significant. Relationally, financially and terminally. Licencing authorities may also get involved. We require licences for far more than driving.

But the focus should really be the care and safety of our neighbours. Do we care? Do we really care beyond words? Are we too self focussed and inward looking, personally or organisationally? That’s the story of people, including God’s people over time.

A loving parent sets rules. Stay on the path. Don’t cross the road to get a ball without help. You don’t want to spoil their fun. It’s a law of love for life. Even if frustrating and time consuming for the child.

God’s laws come from love. To enable life to the full. For care and safety in community. Law was given as part of a covenant agreement in the Old Testament.

Civil laws for the time.

Ceremonial laws for ritual and covenant reminder. Ceremonial laws were fulfilled at great cost by Christ in the New Testament. (Hebrews 9:13-14)

Moral laws in the ten commandments are now covered by the greatest commandments. (Romans 13:9).

Forget wriggle room when applying law. The problem is beyond flashing blue lights.

Love is the fulfilment of God’s Law. Love God and neighbour. (Mat 22:37-40)

All are neighbours, not just the 99 like us, but the 1 that disconnected. (Luke 15:1-7) Do we fail to make reasonable adjustments and discriminate against those with disabilities? (Equality Act 2010)

Church Growth Trust – making church buildings fully accessible.
Includes disability discrimination and the Equality Act 2010.

Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling-block in front of the blind, but fear your God. I am the LORD.” Leviticus 19:14 (NIV UK)

The eye cannot say to the hand, I don’t need you! And the head cannot say to the feet, I don’t need you! On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable,” 1 Corinthains 12:21-22 (NIV UK)

Church Equality – 7 Point Checklist.

Passkeys (Oct 14)

FIDO. The name for a dog. Mine is called Artie. Fido comes from the Latin meaning, “to trust or confide in.” My dog is loyal, trustworthy and loved.

Strong security often means more hassle. But with Artie, we know when someone is at the door to our house. Online security? That’s where FIDO comes in.

FIDO is a win-win. Increased security for less hassle. At least once it’s set up. FIDO is going to remove the need for passwords for Fast Identification Online. Passkeys are with us for free.

FIDO has many members including, Apple, Microsoft and Google. Mastercard, PayPal and Amazon… https://fidoalliance.org/members/

Your identity needs to be protected as we become increasingly reliant on electronic devices and deep learning artificial intelligence.

Fear (8th Oct)

There are only two built-in innate fears. Can you guess them? Other fears have been learned.

I was amazed that within five minutes my family guessed what the two innate fears were. Loud noise and falling.

If most fears have been learned, they can also be unlearned. Fear can get in the way, and unnecessarily upset choices and inhibit progress in life.

Beyond Science there is another innate fear. A built-in fear we know naturally when self aware.

Following the Exodus, too many of God’s people were fearful of big problems ahead. They therefore did not enter the land God had promised. Some of the chosen recognisance team had more fear than faith. (Numbers 13:26-31) Forty years wondering about in the desert followed.

A more faithful response to enter the promised land succeeded. A recognisance pair were helped by a prostitute whose fear of the Lord, put fear of people in it’s place. (Joshua 2:9-11) All, including Rahab the prostitute, benefitted from their faithful response over fear.

God is bigger than even giant fears. We have a built-in spiritual gap for fear of the Lord.

The phrase, “fear of the Lord” is in the electronic NIV Bible 83 times. To the left and the right, OT and NT.

Hospitality (6th Oct)

BAKE OFF is great entertainment that can separate families with different priorities.

I know a church that claims to offer the best cakes in the world following the service. In my experience they do help get people into a social area quickly. If you remain seated too long, they’re gone. Young people are quick.

This church has some outstanding cake makers. Superlative deserved. Cakes are available to all, including visitors, for whom a plate is prepared.

Hospitality (φιλοξενία) can be translated as ‘friendship to strangers’. Strange might be interpreted as different as well as unknown. Perhaps in need.

Hospitality for those needing a Hospital for health, including mental health. Those in need of a Hostel, hurting and perhaps unable to fit elsewhere. Church should be hospitable for all.

We are a neighbour to diversity. Including those with disability. Check out Joni&Friends

Agape (ἀγάπη) love, often translated unconditional love, should be found in church.

Church serves all in need, including the known. A favourite hospitality incident in the Bible (Luke 10: 38-42) records someone who already knew Jesus and put learning from him first. Ongoing discipleship is vital. Mary and Martha were separated by their different priorities.

We must choose wisely like Mary. (v42) Do the BAKE OFF judges always get it right?

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